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Masculinity Unleashed

Masculinity Unleashed

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Masculinity Unleashed

Pack on muscle, shred body fat and get six-pack abs

Now that you are my official Aphro-D brother, I’m going to get brutally honest with you. I want you to do the following...

Imagine yourself at the beach with a group of friends.

It’s now time to take off your shirt and go for a swim.

Do you feel confident?

Are you proud of your body?

Look man, when I was chubby with no muscle and a big belly, I avoided beaches and swimming pools.

I always felt insecure about my body.

I was ashamed to take my shirt off in public.

The anxiety drowned my energy and I felt ashamed of who I was.

But when I started taking Aphro-D, my Testosterone skyrocketed.

I felt like a fucking God.

I then unleashed my Testosterone to get the six-pack that I dreamed of my entire life.

[insert Farhan’s before (fat with belly) and after (six pack abs) pics]


Now you may be asking… How did I actually do this?

I unleashed my masculinity using the best system ever designed for men, with simple, step-by-step instructions.

This course has been developed by world-class experts who have transformed themselves as well as their students into alpha males with masculine, hard-core, muscular bodies.

Meet your instructors:


here put images and names of the following people

Doc Farhan PhD

Andre Bettinson

Charles Ruffiex

Simen Haugelien

Mark Novak


The system I’m talking about is known as MASCULINITY UNLEASHEDTM.

This motherfucker is the granddaddy of all six-pack programs.

I’m not kidding with you.

The Masculinity UnleashedTM system harnesses the Testosterone Boosting Power of Aphro-D to get you ripped and shredded.

This is the exact same course I followed to get the body of my dreams.

Here is what you will achieve through this system ...

  • Hormone optimization to shred body fat
  • Perfect gut health to kill all nasty belly fat for a lean physique
  • Personalized nutrition and meal prep for all-day energy
  • Sleep mastery to fully recover after training
  • Intermittent and extended fasting for body detox and reset + to finally get rid of stubborn fat
  • Stress management and cortisol reduction to keep you happy and at peace with yourself and the environment
  • Focus and efficiency during workouts for maximum gains
  • Rock hard boners to fully satisfy yourself and your partner
  • The ability to last as long as you want in the bedroom
  • Strength training to get a sexy, strong six-pack
  • Amazing hair and beard health to look young

It is the absolute best program to use while taking Aphro-D everyday.

It is the x-factor for getting the body you want, without the stress of searching for information and worrying about what’s good and what’s bad.

Everything you could possibly want for your manhood is contained inside.

It’s hassle free with simple, easy to follow steps.

If you want to save time and energy and have the freedom to live life without spending hours and hours in the gym, this system is perfect for you.

All the hard work has already been done for you. These guys have already figured out the magical formula for six-pack abs. Now it’s your turn to reap the benefits!

Literally every aspect of your health and fitness is covered with live video demonstrations and step-by-step and straightforward instructions.

If you follow it, it will work. Period.

It can’t get any easier than this.

It’s the one and only complete training system to obtain and keep six-pack abs.

Your starting point is irrelevant. No matter what you look like right now, you can get a six-pack if you stay consistent and follow the training.

Today, I’m the fittest I’ve ever been…

I sleep like a baby,

I can last for hours,

I look amazing naked,

And I get tons of shit done.

And best of all, I have alpha male confidence, inside and outside the bedroom.

All because I put my Testosterone into action with this program.

Now it’s your turn to take action and obtain Masculinity UNLEASHEDTM.

Each of my mentors have created a module for you inside the course. Each module contains a complete video course that you can follow step-by-step from the comfort of your home.

Here are the benefits you can feel instantly:

  • Hidden secrets of the male hormone
  • Quick meal-prep for a lean body
  • Weekly, personalized menu for unlimited energy
  • Cutting-edge sleep technology for maximizing Testosterone production while you sleep
  • The ultimate intermittent and extended fasting personal mentor who guides you at every step 
  • Stress management and cortisol reduction techniques to remove brain fog and gain mental clarity
  • Easy to follow workout demos which melt your fat away from day 1 and get a six-pack as soon as possible
  • The “Rock Hard for Life” formula so you can stay rock hard in bed
  • Tantra techniques to fully control your ejaculation
  • Strength and mobility training for athletic fitness 
  • The best natural products to promote perfect hair and beard health

Here are all the modules and bonuses you can access right now:

Module 1: Testosterone Secrets

There are so many foods which lower T and they are probably in your kitchen right now.

This module shows you the everyday foods that are stealing your T, so you can replace these with the foods which boost your T-Levels. If you don’t throw away the bad foods, you will always suffer from Low T.

You will also discover the 18 lifestyle factors which are killing your Testosterone and the 15 simple actions you can take TODAY to boost your Testosterone.

This is the perfect first step to get you started on your journey towards Superman Testosterone and a natural, beautiful six-pack (without flexing).

Module 2: Meal Prep to Maximize your Health and Performance

Now that you know exactly what foods to eat it is time to prepare them using methods that preserve the nutrients inside the foods.

This module shows you step-by-step exactly how to prepare your meals so you can have food for the entire week! You cook only once and you are done!!

Imagine having nutrient-dense, delicious food at your fingertips the entire week! You will have peak performance in no time and a sexy six-pack for bragging rights and that masculine confidence you’ve never felt before.

Module 3: Sleep Mastery

Now that you have become a world class Testosterone chef, it is time to learn the cutting-edge science backed methods for perfect sleep.

This module will demonstrate the exact techniques you need to implement to have a restful night sleep so you can wake up with mental clarity and be ready to dominate the day.

You will wake up every morning completely refreshed and pumped to take Aphro-D. Since sleep is when T is produced in your body it is the most essential piece of the puzzle! It’s the missing link to a lean physique.

Module 4: Perfect Gut Health System

Once you have perfected your nutrition and sleep habits, it’s time to completely eliminate inflammation in your gut.

Whether you have a belly or man boobs, the ultimate solution is reducing inflammation using antioxidants and by killing free radicals.

This module will train you to perfect your gut health by showing you what you must eat and what you must eliminate from your diet today! Get ready to have six-pack abs in the fastest time possible!

Module 5: Rock Hard for Life Ultimate Formula

Now that you have taken your health in full control by perfecting your nutrition, sleep, and gut health, it is time to get ROCK HARD ERECTIONS.

This module will teach you the secrets of curing Erectile Dysfunction and becoming the ultimate, alpha beast in the bedroom.

By following the steps laid out, you will last as long as you want and be hard all night long. Get ready to feel some crazy, life-changing benefits with the Rock Hard for Life Formula.

Module 6: Perfect Hair Health Essentials

Now that you have everything you need in life I want to give you one more thing.

How to get a beautiful, thick and full head of hair.

For the first time ever I will unravel exactly what I have been using to have the hair I always wanted. Use this module to learn the exact hair products I use for the hair on my head as well as my beard!

You can get epic hair and preserve its health for life.

Bonuses you can access instantly:

Bonus 1: Mobility Mastery

This bonus is a complete program to become flexible and increase mobility in your entire body..

Want to try some crazy positions in the bedroom with your partner, but you lack the range of motion and flexibility to do so?

Want to be able to train and have the movement you want without ever getting injured?

This system has been invented by a fitness coach who trains professional athletes every day and here I am giving it to you the entire program for free as a bonus!

But this will not do you any good until you...

Bonus 2: Destroy Porn Addiction

This bonus has been designed by one of the world’s experts in masculinity and overcoming porn addiction.

Whether you suffer from porn-induced erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, the videos contained in this module will guide you step-by-step on how to get your life back from these toxic habits.

We have all been there man and I know how hard it is to be stuck in bad habits for years or even decades… look no further because the system is all you need. It is full proof and has cured thousands of people already.

If you have ruined your cock’s health through porn and masturbation and your penis is not waking up, this program will resurrect it in no time so you can get rock solid boners with a beautiful woman like it was meant to be!

Bonus 3: Intermittent Fasting Essentials

So many guys don’t realize the magical effects of intermittent fasting and extended fasting.

This bonus has been made by a coach who I personally use for guidance during my fasts!  He is actually a real Viking from Norway. He’s ripped as fuck and he will train you on how to get ripped through his video course.

And now for the best bonus of them all to sweeten the deal…

Bonus 4: Exclusive Masterminds with Top Fitness Celebrities, Dating Coaches and Relationship Experts

You will get exclusive 1on1 Video Masterminds with:


“How to get a six-pack while enjoying junk food”

Big Brandon Carter

“How to make a million dollars”

Elliott Hulse

“How to get a masculine body in modern times”

John Sonmez

“How to Have the ‘No Excuses’ Mentality”

as well as exclusive never-before seen interviews with the following dating and relationship coaches from RSD:

RSD Julien

“How to lose fat quickly and safely”


“How to have a healthy lifestyle with multiple partners”

Michael Sartain

“How to bang supermodels consistently”

RSD Derek

“How to kill your inner beta male”

RSD Jeffy

“How older guys can date young girls”

RSD Madison

“3 secrets of never-ending energy throughout the night”

Each module and bonus course consists of high quality videos with LIVE demonstrations so you can easily follow along.

I followed the same exact instructions to get shredded and obtain alpha confidence.

Now it’s time for your full fitness transformation, from the inside out, permanently.

You have already taken the first step by getting Aphro-D. Now it’s time for the final step.

And now… I have even more good news for you.

I’ve added each expert as a member of our private Facebook group.

So as you embark on this awesome journey of getting six-pack abs, you can ask these experts as many questions as you want, LIVE and ON-DEMAND.

This is an unprecedented offer. This type of deal has never been offered before.. ever!

Want even more?

Every month, I will add more modules from my mentors so you are always up to date with the latest, most cutting edge science-backed training.

This is your chance to get a complete health transformation system which always stays on top of the most advanced science.

I will continue to update this for years to come.

But you pay only once, and get it all. Forever.

You won’t get a deal like this anywhere else.

And since you’re now an official member of Aphro-D, you’ll get 80% off the regular price.

Just one of the perks of being an action-taker in our community.

But this offer is only valid right here, right now.

I am giving you this huge discount because I want to reward you for taking action when it counts most.

But once you leave this page, this amazing offer will be gone forever and you’ll have to pay the regular price if you purchase it later.

To make this a no-brainer, I’m also giving you a full money-back guarantee.

Try the MASCULINITY UNLEASHEDTM system consistently for one month. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, I’ll refund you the full amount, on the spot, no questions asked. Even after you get a refund, I will let you keep the system for free.  That is the level of confidence I have behind this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Regular price $997 you get it today for $197 (split test with $297.. but when you do the $297 offer, change above 80% to 70%)

Regular price $997 you get it today for $197 (split test with $297.. but when you do the $297 offer, change above 80% to 70%)